We are proud to count over 100 members and volunteers in our association this year.

Here are a few of them. We will eventually list all of our participants (members and volunteers).


  • Starr Hartley
  • Clemencia Jost
  • Mario Patchen
  • Jami Searcy
  • Yukiko Foshee
  • Taryn Evens
  • Renaldo Lanphere
  • Vickey Ethier
  • America Fisch
  • Melody Espinal
  • Ethelyn Brownlow
  • Enola Bothwell
  • Gisele Mcbee
  • Tyrell Deatherage
  • Grady Torgeson
  • Sherrie Lance
  • Magnolia Duquette
  • Charles Delavega
  • Ute Zimmer
  • Bell Cushenberry
  • Ines Dipalma
  • Myles Flemister
  • Audrey Ladouceur
  • Nancey Shell
  • Madeleine Williams
  • Beatriz Lieber
  • Maurine Jaynes
  • Vivien Cawthon
  • Deanna Rippe
  • Roderick Gwaltney
  • Casandra Dabney
  • Doris Hervey
  • Margery Perro
  • Lisandra Jaramillo
  • Aimee Peppers
  • Digna Valadez
  • Mac Fiorillo
  • Derrick Mowbray
  • Kaleigh Mudd
  • Marcos Elsner
  • Darrell Aker
  • Kelly Hoyle
  • Nelson Moak
  • Renea Ray
  • Torri Bull
  • Yee Backer
  • Fredda Senter
  • Valentine Weisberg
  • Bradford Arwood


  • Noe Suhr
  • Gaynelle Koon
  • Frieda Helsley
  • Glady Fulcher
  • Jordon Read
  • Ambrose Tubbs
  • Preston Laver
  • Bill Borgman
  • Jeanette Plumadore
  • Terina Coplan

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