A Brief Guide to Adaptive Ski Gear

Adaptive skiers are privy to the additional world of ski gear that exists alongside standard, off-the-shelf equipment. Below are a few pieces of gear necessary to a successful ski trip.


Freedom TraxThis powerful wheelchair attachment is designed for explorers. It is a unique track system for sand, snow, gravel, mud, and more, and can be used to help adaptive skiers navigate plateau sections of mountain.


Mono Ski—This type of ski is great for intermediate and advanced adaptive skiers. The big body shock is ready for the world’s toughest downhills, and the equipment’s flexibility makes it a dynamic option for those wanting to participate in slalom events.


Sit Skis—If you have had an adaptive ski lesson, you know that off-the-shelf skis are not designed to handle the weight and force that adaptive skiing places on gear. Sit skis are the perfect alternative, as they are designed to absorb the extra force and maintain optimum flex to smoothly distribute weight on both straights and turns.


Most other equipment, everything from jackets and helmets to gloves and snow pants, is essentially the same as it would be for a non-adaptive skier. For a comprehensive list of available adaptive skiing equipment—brands, pieces, and reviews—this guide is great.


Though users can often rent the necessary components of adaptive ski gear, some must be custom-fit to ensure maximum security and safety. When you need something custom-built, or even if you have questions, a visit to Advantage Mobility Outfitters is a great idea. Though the specialize in cars and transportation, they are ready and willing to answer all your adaptive sport-related questions.