Adaptive Advocacy in Michigan

Adaptive Sport advocacy and resources are abundant in the state of Michigan. Below, we have listed five of our favorite organizations, non-profits, and event series geared toward disabled athletes and their families.


Athletes with Disabilities Network—The Adaptive Sports and Recreation Coalition brings together local organizations to enhance sports, recreation, and leisure for people with physical disabilities. The goals of the coalition are to provide information to help those who are newly injured, raise awareness about opportunities for the disabled community, and develop partnerships with other organizations.


Michigan Adaptive Sports—A chapter of Disabled Sports USA, this non-profit educational organization was established to provide sports, recreation, and physical fitness opportunities to persons with disabilities. They host annual clinics and events, which provide fun and excitement, as well as challenges and opportunities.


Michigan Sports Unlimited, Inc.—MSU recognizes the value of sports and recreation in the lives of individuals with disabilities. Their mission is to educate, instruct, and provide unlimited access to a wide range of recreational activities in order to improve physical, social, and mental wellbeing for disabled individuals.


Michigan Victory Games—The Michigan Victory Games are a series of adaptive sport competitions. They provide athletes with physical disabilities the chance to compete, make friends, and feel the support of a team, as well as to experience the thrill of victory.


Athletes Unlimited—Founded in 1996, this non-profit organization is dedicated to providing social, recreational, and athletic opportunities for those with disabilities. They also raise money to provide sport wheelchairs and much-needed sports prosthetic limbs for young aspiring athletes.